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3 Hacks to Make Customer Service Feedback Your Daily Routine

Quality assurance4 MIN READFeb 14, 2019

3 Hacks to Make Customer Service Feedback Your Daily Routine

You’ve probably already heard why external customer service feedback like CSAT doesn’t give a full picture of the quality of your customer care. If you’re looking for ways to add internal quality reviews to your daily routines, look no further. Here are 3 hacks for making customer service feedback your daily routine. It’s as easy as it is to brew your morning coffee!


Set attainable review goals

Internal quality reviews usually come in the form of peer-reviews, manager reviews, or self-reviews. There’s one rule of thumb that applies to all of them: set specific time-bound review goals.

Define the number of customer conversations that each reviewer has to look over in a day, week, or month. You can start by agreeing upon the percentage of total volume to be reviewed, and then divide the number of cases by the number of reviewers.

We prefer daily peer-to-peer reviews to keep the workload manageable. For example, if 15 team members review just 2 conversations every day 5 days a week, you’ll have 600 tickets reviewed every month. If you receive 3000 tickets per month, you’d cover 20% of them.

Just a few minutes’ team effort results in such a thorough overview of your customer service. Quite impressive, right?

Hack no. 1: Let your conversation review tool track your daily, weekly, monthly goals.


Pick random samples for review

Oftentimes, managers only focus on extremely bad or extremely good conversations. Reviewing those cases is definitely a must for most teams.

However, you should not neglect the rest of the conversations. Usually, about 95% of all tickets are handled OK and rarely receive any feedback. But that does not mean that there’s no room for improvement.

Picking random samples is the only way to provide systematic customer service feedback to your team. “That’s fine, continue” is great feedback and assures that your agents are doing everything right.

The winning combo mixes randomly picked ticket reviews with analysis on tickets that received a very good or a very bad rating from a customer. This allows you to look at your customer service from two perspectives: your customers’ and your own.

Hack no. 2: Make your conversation review tool create random samples for you.


Integrate feedback into your daily communications

Implementing new procedures and tools sounds like a real hassle. Plus, people tend to forget the different apps and sites they need to check.

If you want your team to actually do the reviews, you should make it as convenient for them as possible. Integrate customer service feedback into the communication channels you are already using.

For example, receiving reviews automatically on Slack would guarantee that your agents actually see their feedback. Instead of adding a number of new tools or procedures, look for ways you could make use of your existing communication channels.

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Hack no. 3: Integrate your conversation reviews with your existing apps.


If you’re looking for a conversation review tool that integrates with Slack, allows you to set review goals, and creates random samples of tickets, Klaus might be the tool for you.

Implementing new procedures isn’t always easy, especially if you’re working with a large team. However, as your team grows, the issue of the quality of your customer service tends to become bigger, too.

The sooner you create an internal customer service feedback flow, the easier it will be to maintain a consistent level of quality. You just focus on the feedback and let conversation review tools do the rest.

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