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The Story of Klaus

There once lived some support folks that were borderline obsessed with the quality of their conversations with customers.

About Klaus - 1

One of them may have been a marketing guy. And a developer. The walrus and the Trans Am are definitely unrelated.

…but quality of the conversations was not quite what it should have been.

About Klaus - 2

So they tried obsessing about CSAT and NPS – that didn’t really work.

About Klaus - 3

Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, they understood that there is only one person that knows what is good, bad, right, and wrong for you and your customers – you.

About Klaus - 4

Clearly many have had this epiphany before and there are tons of great tools, processes, and advice out there for doing internal ticket reviews… OH… ok.

About Klaus - 5

…team leaves day jobs to build the tools themselves.

About - 6

So here we are. A special thanks is owed to the Support Driven community – we would not be here without you.

About Klaus - 7

The team may look slightly different in real life; no walruses were hurt in the making of this page; animal depicted may actually be a cat.