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Deliver great customer experiences at scale

Hypergrowth companies use Klaus’ customer service quality management platform to run an effective QA process, coach agents and boost customer retention.

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CSAT increased
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Fastest ROI and implementation out of any quality management solution

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Complete Quality Management Toolset

360-degree feedback

Combine internal quality reviews with CSAT

  • CSAT solution that boosts response rate and written feedback.
  • IQS helps track internal quality on the company, team and agent level.
  • Automatically allocate CSAT comments into pre-set categories with our out-of-the-box AI solution.
AI-powered quality assurance

Achieve 100% coverage

  • Use sentiment analysis to effortlessly find positive or negative conversations.
  • Zoom in on tickets that take more effort to solve with complexity detection.
  • Get a visual overview of all your helpdesk interactions, target under-reviewed areas and eliminate blind spots.
Coaching & learning

Give actionable feedback based on data

  • Pinpoint problems, spot trends and target the right coaching opportunities.
  • Structure 1-1s and coaching sessions around specific examples and performance metrics.
  • Track and measure agent improvement against your coaching efforts.
Coaching insights
Analytics & trends

Measure your support efforts and capture trends.

  • Dashboards for spotting trends and measuring performance.
  • Reports for comparing agents, teams, BPOs.
  • Root cause analysis.

Why hypergrowth companies choose Klaus

  • Understand why support quality goes up or down
  • Make sure agents know what to do in order to improve
  • Provide consistently better answers
  • Improve CSAT, CES, FCR, AHT and resolution rates
  • Boost customer loyalty and referral

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